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Discover the wonders of the Newport Transporter Bridge with a one-of-a-kind collection of independent videos. This page presents a range of viewpoints on one of the UK's most remarkable engineering feats. Each video, from historical documentaries to modern drone footage, offers a unique perspective on the bridge's design, history, and impact on Newport. Whether you're a history buff, an engineer, or just curious about this iconic structure, our selection takes you on an engaging and informative journey through the history of the Newport Transporter Bridge.

Newport's Transporter Bridge - Documentary

2 Apr 2019

The Bridge spans the River Usk in Newport, South Wales, and has played a massive part in the city's history and infrastructure for over 100 years. Massive thanks to all involved in the making of this short-documentary, it was a real pleasure to discover some of this local-landmark's secrets. A Documentary by Ben Roberts & Joseph Price.

The ODDEST Bridge In The UK?

4 Mar 2023

The Newport Transporter Bridge is one of only six operational transporter bridges left world wide. It crosses the River Usk in Newport, South East Wales. ►Full Episode:    • Innovative BRIDGES That Can Actually ...  

DJI - Transporter Bridge - Newport

15 Oct 2020

Newport Transporter Bridge seen by drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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